We are the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agency whose focus is to ensure maximum ROI while providing performance marketing solutions. We provide the best quality and quantity of website traffic. We work towards consumer engagement, acquisitions, and transactions through relevant Advertising solutions and platforms, and we make sure to provide seamless strategies to ensure maximum ROI.

As an affiliate network, we work with campaigns of multiple verticals like e-Commerce, Automobile, Technology, Gaming, Casino, Travel, Hospitality, and BFSI. We assist both International and Domestic markets through various models like CPL, CPI, CPR, CPS, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC, VAS, etc.

We serve you to regulate your business prospective, goals, desires, and tactics that are meet your requirements. Our well-experienced team provides unique and expert strategies that merge entrepreneurial experience, concrete solutions, and business perception.



Competition Study

Our team performs a complete analysis of the competition faced in the corporate sector.

Planning Guidelines

We strictly adhere to the guidelines while planning and executing the strategies for a business’s promotion.

Media Plans

We work strictly on media strategy for the growth of the company as per our client’s demand.

Portfolio Management

Our team focuses on the selection and prioritization of different techniques that we follow while executing the processes.


AFFILSOFT offers well-defined services that enable understanding business requirements and goals.

  • We are responsible for providing all the services. We facilitate the option to cancel our services at any given point in time.
  • All our practices comply with standards set by industries.
  • We have a team of professionals who helps to build marketing strategies and business perspective.
  • We offer guaranteed results based on the goal set advised by our team of experts.
  • You can directly coordinate with our team, providing you with transparency and saving time for unwanted hassles.
  • We facilitate almost all major payment modes that are available today. Our clients can choose the best suitable method, and let us know so we will bill them accordingly.
  • We closely follow the latest trends of the industry and emerging technologies.
  • We believe in developing tactical strategies for every plan we execute for delivering our top-line services.


AFFILSOFT is the top performer across the marketplace as we provide Digital Marketing services that will drive our client business towards the bright path of success. Our goal is to become the most reliable and trusted brand in the IT and marketing industry by offering top-notch solutions, services, and support. With our incomparable expertise, we are committed to fulfilling our client requirements.

AFFILSOFT also aims to enable all businesses to present on the internet to increase their productivity and generate higher revenue.


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